Our History:
Since 1982, Buzzard Hollow Ranch has been striving to produce Fleckvieh cattle that are moderate framed with fertility and milk, easing calving, set on sound feed and legs. The cattle had to have body capacity, natural muscling, short hair coats, longevity, carcass quality, ease of fleshing and eye appeal, all to meet the needs of our environmental needs and that of our customer base.

In addition to the Fleckviehs, Simbrahs and SimAngus have been added to the program, along with Red Angus to meet the needs of a broader customer base.

Our Genetic Base:
All Fleckvieh genetics originated in Germany and Austria. Selection pressure has generated various types of Fleckvieh genetics based upon markets and environment.

Fleckvieh were the breed of choice, but after importing cattle from Canada, Germany and Austria, where the environment was much different than ours, it was decided to look elsewhere for a gene pool to meet the needs at BHR. The cattle must have all those attributes that Fleckvieh Cattle have, plus they must meet our environmental condition.

South Africa and Namibia have the oldest Fleckvieh genetics, outside of Germany and Austria, with their first imports in the late 1800’s with an environment similar to ours, so this is where we went. Fred Schuetze, our Director of Livestock Operations found the most consistent producing cattle that he had ever seen with the visual appraisal required for registration, insuring the cattle were physically sound. The cattle were moderate in size, with short hair and sound udders, combined with strong feet and legs. Fertility was strictly selected for along with functional udders and teats.

The first imported embryos were born in Canada in 1995 and the rest is history. The blending of these genetics into our Simbrah and SimAngus program has produced phenomenal results.

Simbrah cattle were Fred Schuetze’s first love, being from South Texas, having worked with Brahman influenced cattle his entire life, incorporated them into our breeding plan. Our Simbrah Herd, now basically Fleckvieh influenced, is small in numbers due to the fact that we cannot keep the cattle consistent enough for our program. The production of Purebred multi-generational cattle is not where we are headed. It seems that our largest market is ¾ Simmental ¼ Brahman, both males and females, so we have brought in some Brahman genetics to produce ½ & ½ as well as ¾ Brahman ¼ Simmental to meet our customers’ needs.

Our Red Angus program was born out of necessity. We had been using Red Angus bulls on our larger framed spotted cows to produce a saleable product and it was extremely difficult to find bulls at a reasonable price that had the genetics and data to meet our criteria. So in 2005, the first Red Angus females were purchased. Our herd remains small and embryo transfer allows us to create genetics in enough quantity to service our needs plus sell some around the country.

Our Breeding Philosophy:
Select both Power and Maternal genetics and blend them into a select product that has calving ease and growth, fertility, milk, muscle, depth of rib, ease of fleshing, with excellent carcass data all set on sound feet and legs.

Our Future:
Our future depends on our ability to produce cattle that meet the needs of the Seedstock Producers worldwide and meet the needs of the Commercial Cattle Industry.

Les Alberthal, Owner | Fred Schuetze, Director of Livestock Operations
P.O. Box 968, Granbury, Texas 76048 | 817.573.0957 (Phone) 817.573.0967 (Fax) | E-Mail: bhr@speednet.com
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